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Embark on the most awesome journey imaginable! Expeditions to Excellence is an online phonics-based reading system that allows you to print materials as they are needed. You can use a tablet or to teach lessons on your computer... and all of it is completely free!


This entire Expeditions to Excellence reading system, valued at $125, is now yours for FREE through the passionate and generous sponsorship of its creators, Gary & Victoria Beck!

Victoria and Gary Beck developed Expeditions to Excellence over a period of fifteen years. It offers an array of beautifully created teaching materials, data collection tools, advocacy aids, video demonstrations and an extensive line of educational and advocacy products. Designed to empower families, educators, administrators and other professionals, Expeditions to Excellence is a complete high quality turnkey system, adaptable to the individual needs of the learner. As a developmental and literacy readiness program, the E2E system has no equal. It also teaches essential readiness concepts through 14 additional songs and videos, such as Where Do You Live?, Twelve Months of the Year, The Weather Song, Days of the Week, The Shapes, The Colors, and Thirty Days Has September. Early intervention and preparedness are the keys to establishing the proper fundamentals for literacy and classroom learning.  Literacy is America’s lifeline. It is the most important determinant for future educational achievement, academic performance and success in life. Literacy is not just a part of education; arguably, literacy IS education. It is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to other individuals and to our nation.


Here's a look at the complete Expeditions to Excellence reading system:

  • Nothing to ship!
  • No complicated teaching manuals!
  • No expensive or confusing price structures!
  • Music, videos, books, lessons, board games, flash cards and much, much more!
  • Click on the "components" tab to learn more!

Start your reading adventure today!
Listen to the Introductory Videos to learn how this total phonics-based reading curriculum works!


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Reading is truly the journey of a lifetime. It is the key to educational success and the door to countless future opportunities. Expeditions to Excellence was created with an exceptional goal in mind: to be the best, most comprehensive, effective and fun reading system ever developed! It was designed to make the critical difference in every child’s life, by using methods and materials integral to the success of each and every boy and girl. Expeditions to Excellence recognizes the different learning needs, styles and abilities of the individual learner.  Best of all, the system has been scientifically proven to work with children with all levels of skills and abilities. It is thorough and fun, and the value is unparalleled. You'll see why Expeditions to Excellence is considered to be the most complete, adaptable, affordable, and educationally-sound phonics-based reading system ever created!





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A new destiny awaits you and your child on our fun and friendly phonics safari. Look for our ads each week on our Facebook page, and share them with your friends! 


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